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We built Yeva for a Start

As caregivers we know how overwhelming caring for a loved one can be. Our team has cared for a father with post-polio syndrome and a mother who is a kidney and ovarian cancer survivor. The name Yeva comes from the experience of our best friend, Adam, the primary caregiver for his grandmother Yeva who is suffering from Dementia. Adam, like us, had almost no experience, little free time, and few people he could reach out to for support. But, there are millions of caregivers who have been there before and are willing to help. We created Yeva to make the guidance of experienced caregivers accessible to everyone everywhere. Let's take this caregiver journey together.

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Co-Founder Dhruv is a caregiver for his father.

Co-founder Dhruv is a caregiver for his father.

Co-Founder Andrew is a caregiver for his mother.

Co-found Andrew was a caregiver for his mother with cancer.

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I wished that he would die. I felt so guilty, and so awful for having those feelings until my son gave me advice.

I struggled with that question all the time. And then finally, one of my children said to me “Those are not horrible and awful words or horrible and awful thoughts ...


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Margaret was a caregiver for her
Margaret was a caregiver for her husband with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease for 10 years. She is sharing her experiences so that other Alzheimer’s caregivers can find the support and help she wished she had.

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This is a great story Margaret! I struggled with this all the time when I was caring for my husband.

My mother is in late stage Alzheimer's. What your kids said to you is beautiful and really helpful to me now.

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